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KAJO GEO Services

Our mission is to bridge science with cutting-edge technology in order to distill actionable insight from large quantities of various types of data.

We challenge combining traditional tools and methods into new innovative solutions.

KAJO s.r.o. is agile consultancy based in Slovakia. KAJO was founded in 2011 and since then has developed into a respected organization with many international activities. Our team consists of environmental and risk analysts, geographer, communication expert, computer and data scientists and web & graphic designers.

Expertise and services

We offer a diverse range of environmental modelling, web-gis and ICT services.

Our main activities

Disaster Risk Management

Early Warning Systems

KAJO´s expertise covers development of customer driven applications for the analysis and interpretation of early warning systems (European and global), focusing specifically on probabilistic forecasts and impact based forecasting. We provide in-house deep scientific and technical knowledge of the EU Copernicus Early Warning Services, including their technical implementation.  We also have a very strong background in risk modeling and communication and impact based forecasting. We are actively involved in exploitation of the volunteer geographic information and Copernicus data in Disaster Risk Management.

Risk Communication and Awareness

KAJO is particularly active in exploring innovative paths for communicating information related to natural disasters. It started developing serious and table-top games in order to raise awareness about risk prevention and reach people outside of usual scientific communication channels. For instance, KAJO started collaborations with local schools to develop activities regarding mitigating and adaptive measures to climate change.

Social Media For Disaster Risk management

KAJO is employing the cutting-edge advancements in both, machine learning & language processing and early warning systems to develop tools and services for real time monitoring of social networks for information related to natural disasters in order to assist the responders in all phases of the risk management cycle. We couple early warning systems and social media monitoring to improve abilities to detect events. KAJO developed text mining, language processing and machine learning algorithms to monitor disasters from social media and mainstream news  to fill the gap between Early Warning Systems and traditional observations to improve our rapid mapping and impact assessment products. KAJO has developed in-house services for text filtering, sense making and aggregation techniques that are designed to distil valid information from the big data posted on social media and provide our customers with tailored data feeds.

Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science

Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science

KAJO is running crowdsourcing and citizen science projects to collect observations about extreme weather events including their impact, existing adaptation measures to mitigate risk associated with the extreme events. Crowdsourcing and citizen science is also used to gather knowledge to map critical infrastructure exposed to different hazards and assist in risk modeling and assessment.


KAJO’s core activity includes also development of customer driven Web-GIS applications. We offer advanced tools for geographic data management (e.g. CKAN, Geonode, MapStore), providing support in data/metadata harmonization, standardization, discoverability and interoperability as well as development of robust online platforms for visualisation and spatial analytics of geographic information.

Text Mining

KAJO develops customer driven applications for scraping large amounts of text from public sources (e.g. Eurlex) and domain specific language models to be used in different domains (e.g. EU policy, disaster risk, tourism). KAJO has successfully applied these text-mining tools and services in various domains ranging from disaster monitoring, impact assessment, innovation and emerging technology mapping, spatial data enrichment and policy making.

ICT/Web Design/Data management & Analytics

KAJO provides ICT consultancy in implementation of above mentioned systems and tools. We also provide consultancy in customization and tailoring platforms for big-data analytics and visualization (e.g. ElasticSearch).

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